I was asked to create several short, loopable vidoes to be played at live performances for Desert Monolith (then Desert M), an electronic project out of Helsinki, Finland. This video was made to be a placeholder video for future songs that had not been written yet.

I’ve now commissioned Wes to create over a dozen videos and apart from the end results always looking professional and beautiful and him being fast and efficient at what he does, probably the best part about working with him has been how he just gets exactly what I’m going for. I’ll send him the vaguest idea of what I’d like a video to look like, and he’ll come up with something that is not only awesome but also expands on that original idea in an imaginative way - I might not always know what I want, but Wes’s video is always exactly what I want!
— Valtteri Hyvärinen of Desert Monolith

Michael Kurt of The Blood of Others asked me to put together video to be played during live performances. I created six backing videos, each roughly four to five minutes long. The videos were created from stock footage, public domain woodblock cuts, and my own hand drawings. They were cut to be synced to the music of each track.

Wes was very professional during our project. We worked very closely on the concept and the video clips for the live show projections he created for The Blood of Others. The live show is dark and just as brooding as I could ever ask for thanks to the video work. We have done the show without the video only once and it is just not the same.
— Michael Kurt, The Blood of Others

The Closet is a short film that was shot on an iPhone over two days. I edited the film, and created the music and the foley. I also happened to act in it.